Holy Trinity Facilities

Several years ago we initiated a comprehensive assessment of the parish school buildings, the theater, and the church to determine what major repairs and improvements were necessary if the buildings are to serve the mission of the parish into the foreseeable future.  The assessment process included conversations with parishioners and staff, especially those parishioners and staff who use the buildings on a daily basis, and architects, engineers, and other professionals. As a result of that assessment, we are planning major renovations and other improvements to the upper and lower school buildings, the theater, and the main church building.   


Renovations/Improvements to the Upper School , the Lower School, and the Theater: 

The planned renovations/improvements to the upper and lower school and the theater include:

- Upgrade plumbing, electrical, and HVAC;

- Upgrade fire protection measures, including a new alarm system and fire suppression system;

- Make the buildings fully ADA-compliant by reconfiguring bathrooms and doorways, by adding an elevator to each building, and by reworking the outside entrances to     each building;

- Convert the existing theater to a multi-purpose room by removing the present balcony and stage and leveling the floor;

- Construct new bathroom facilities; 

- Construct  several dedicated tutoring rooms;

- Reconfigure existing classroom space; add four new classrooms above the existing theater; this will result in a net increase of one classroom;

- Add storage space;

- Add a small serving kitchen area in the Upper School

Note: Very little of the buildings' exteriors that are visible fromthe street will be altered.  The renovations are almost entirely of interior spaces.  The student enrollment at the school will not change as a result of these improvements.  More details are available by clicking here.  


Architectural Drawings for the Upper and Lower Schools and the Theater:

The architectural drawings as of January 2013 are shown below.  We anticipate revisions to these drawing before they are finalized. 

1) Existing exterior of the Lower School & Upper School Buildings, existing(January 2013) 

2) Proposed changes to the exterior of front of the Lower School and Upper School Buildings (January 2013) 

3)  Lower School Building Interiorexisting and planned layout (January 2013)

4)  Upper School Building Interior (1st and 2nd floor), including the Theater (January 2013)

5)  Upper School Building Interior (3rd floor and roof) (January 2013)

6) Artist's Conception of the Upper School Multi-Purpose Room Exterior  (former theater) (January 2013)

7) Artist's Conception of the Upper School Multi-Purpose Room Interior, (former theater) (May 2012) 


Renovations/Improvements to the Main Church:

The planned renovations/improvements to the main church include:

- repair interior plaster; paint church interior

- repair and resore the stained glass windows

- refinish the church pews


Tentative (as of 12/13) Schedule for Construction of Upper and Lower School and theater renovations/ improvements:

1) Lower School -- begin in 5/14; finish in August 2014

2) Theater -- begin in 5/14; finish in late 2014

3) Upper School -- begin in Spring 2015; finish in late summer 2015

4) Main Church interior -- begin in June 2016;  finish in August  2016

Note: This schedule is subject to change.