Social Justice Ministry

The Social Justice Ministry at Holy Trinity seeks to promote justice in our local and global communities by operating through five core practices: Drives and Donations, Direct Service to the poor, Education, Prayer and Reflection, and Advocacy.

What's New

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Service Opportunities

Direct service allows parishioners a chance to witness the lived experience of the poor, to see their own lived experienced in a new light, and to begin a process of relationship-building where all are invited to change their lives for the better.  This collective transformation and renewal is what inspires us to continue living our faith and seeking justice.

In addition to direct service opportunities inside and outside the parish, there are opportunities for parishioners to help form the strategic direction of the work of the ministry in the following areas: Volunteer Engagement, Advocacy and Education, Events and Hospitality, Tithe and Capital Campaign, and Communications.  If you are being called to give your time and talent to building up any of these areas, please contact Margaret Johnson at

Education, Advocacy, and Structural Justice

Education not only involves learning about social injustices happening in our world, but also discerning God's spirit and the Greater Good (magis) in prayer and reflection on what is happening in our hearts and habits.

Advocacy and Structural Justice includes engaging with elected officials about matters affecting the poor and other disenfranchised members of the community in order to effect positive structural change.

Ongoing solidarity work and education on global justice issues help support the relationship-building delegations to our sister parishes in El Salvador (Maria, Madre de los Pobres) and Haiti (St. Jean Baptiste).

Holy Trinity Tithe

Holy Trinity has made a commitment to donate a tithe (10% of the parish's ordinary income) to various social service, advocacy, educational, and Jesuit-related organizations that serve the poor.  Every spring, parishioners on a committee review proposals for tithe funds and make recommendations to the pastor.

Mission, Vision, and History



Parish Groups Working with the Social Justice Ministry


Good Faith Communities Coalition

Hands on Housing

Maria Madre de los Pobres, Sister Parish in El Salvador

St. Jean Baptiste, Sister Parish in Haiti



The poor cannot lift themselves up with their bootstraps because they have no boots.

~ Father McKenna